What Makes Us Different

Why Us

At Family Medicine Clinic, we pride ourselves on offering residents of The Woodlands and the surrounding Montgomery County area something different in quality medical care. We do this by providing people what they don’t expect – high quality medical care that’s affordable, compassionate, convenient, and, last but not least, medical professionals that are truly interested in YOU, YOUR FAMILY, and YOUR HEALTH.

A bygone era… returned
There was a time – typically chronicled in paintings by Norman Rockwell and the like – when medical professionals actually cared about the patients and communities they served. As the years passed, that “type” of medicine has been largely replaced by a bureaucratic, uncaring, and indifferent approach where paperwork is more important than people. And the prices have skyrocketed to ridiculous levels.
We’re looking to change that, one family at a time.

Here are a few things we feel set us apart:

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